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Parenting is supposed to be the most fantastic thing in life, right?
 Wasn’t each moment meant to be full of magic and memories?  

Are you finding that’s not the case for you?

Perhaps instead, you find the stress, guilt, and burden of daily responsibility are pushing down on you.  

Are you finding it harder to stay present in the moment with your family?
Is the connection with your children being replaced with conflict and distance?  

What happens to your family if things don’t change?  

What will it look like 1, 5, or even ten years down the road?

What will you do if the stress becomes crippling?  

What happens if you experience nothing but fights and distance with your children?

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Put the “fun” back in the fundamentals of parenting by building enduring relationships with your children.

 Embracing the proactive and positive approach of Empowered Parenting will lead you to: 

Create a solid and unique relationship made for each child

Build a more stable, consistent, and loving home

Use discipline strategies that work by teaching and lifting your child rather than tearing them down

Know that you’re not failing and are being effective

Feel a lot less parenting guilt and shame while getting a boost of confidence

Experience more memories and laughter than you ever thought possible – your children too!

Fewer fights and struggles and more collaboration and teamwork

Finding out that parenting really is the most amazing thing you can do in life!

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Is this possible?
Can this be your reality?


It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day of parenting and to lose sight of what matters most – the relationships you have with each of your children.

Empowered Parents are effective because they draw on the power of the relationship rather than their position of authority.

That does not mean they are permissive!

On the contrary, Empowered Parents are firm in their expectations.

Everything you do as a parent will impact the quality of your relationship with each of your children.

The more you keep the connection at the center of your parenting, the more effective you will be.

The nice thing about having the relationship as your foundation is you won’t always have to have the exact answer of what to do.

So that’s one more pressure off your shoulders!


Empowered Parents want to be close with their children while granting healthy responsibility and freedom for their children to explore and grow.

They nurture and connect while being firm and setting limits.  

Doing this helps the parent reach a balance between meeting the needs of their children while also teaching and guiding.  

Empowered Parents lead their children with unconditional love and with effective limit-setting strategies.

These proactive and positive parenting skills help teach our children in the present moment while preparing them for the future.  

Are you wondering to yourself yet, “this sounds great, but how do you actually do it?”    

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Empowered Parenting requires a lot of us because we are doing the most critical task:  raising our children.

Our programs guide you towards taking control of your parenting approach and building enduring relationships with each of your children. 

No more parenting guilt.

No more fear of failing.

That leaves you a ton of room for more connecting and effective parenting with your children.

This is done by having the Empowered Parenting Method at the core of our resources. 

The Empowered Parenting Method has five pillars that help you be the best version of yourself as a parent and as an individual.

One pillar is not more important than the other and it is the way you interact with all of them that matters.

The Personal Growth Pillar addresses one of the things missed most in other parenting books and resources: your relationship with yourself. It’s easy to neglect yourself as you take care of your children; however, this is dangerous in the long run. Your personal growth needs to be a priority. You’ll feel the difference as you focus on your inner-relationship, maximize your personal strengths, keep an identity separate from being a parent, and engage in regular self-care.

The Relationship Skills Pillar can help you in two areas:  with your children and, if this is your situation, with your parenting partner. Empowered Parents get their true power from the relationship, and the stronger the connection, the more effective the parenting. To do this, you’ll be strengthening your communication skills, recognizing and meeting needs, setting healthy and appropriate boundaries, and how to feed your relationships regularly to keep them strong.

The Parenting Skills Pillar looks at how you set and enforce limits, your parenting style, and discipline tools and techniques. Fair warning: it is the pillar that parents and experts often focus too much on. It’s a necessary pillar, though easy to get out of balance when looking at it in context with the other pillars. This is why the Empowered Parenting Method works – you’ll focus and utilize all the pillars while knock the Parenting Skills Pillar out of the park!

The Leadership Skills Pillar will look at the way you look at power and use influence in your parenting, which is the most important form of leadership. You’ll engage in healthy conflict resolution, recognize your role as a mentor to help you know when to step back and let your children learn, and how to use your example as a healthy model for your children.

The Self-Awareness Pillar puts you in control of your thoughts and actions. It’s about knowing what you want to accomplish, where you’re at emotionally in a situation, and knowing your strengths and limits. The better you know yourself, the more effective you will be in your parenting.


A core belief of Empowered Parents is knowing there’s a need and room for us to learn and grow.

Our online programs will support you as you take control of your parenting approach while building powerful relationships with your children.  

Stop doing what isn’t working and try something new!  

You can replace conflict with connection.

You can move from feeling guilty for disciplining to knowing you are helping your child grow and prepare for their future! 

What could be better than that?

No more hesitating, no more waiting, no more wasting time.  

Get started today! 

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