Building Your Skills and Confidence So You Can Create the Life You Have Always Wanted!

Engage your strengths and confidence as you build an empowering relationship with yourself!

Strengthen your connection with your partner as you work as a team to conquer life and build an enduring relationship!

Leave parent guilt behind and become an Empowered Parent by building powerful connections with your children!

Empower Your Journey!

Life is not the easiest game out there!

We know it’s easy to get down on yourself, to struggle in your relationships, or feel unsure of who you are and what to do.

  The journey only gets tougher when you have a partner or are a parent.    

That's why we've put together a powerful collection of online courses and programs that once you have access, you will start the adventure of taking your life head on!

 As you actively take charge of your life, you will build the confidence and skills needed to make changes in the relationships you have with:

•Your Partner  
•Your Children

What You Get When You Get Started:

Courses and Programs

Access fully online services that address:
- Your Personal Growth
- Strengthening Your Couple Relationship
- Becoming an Empowered Parent

Learn At Your Own Pace

You will have the convenience of accessing your courses with any device.  You'll be able to start back where you left off with no limits on the number of times you can view video lessons.  

Build the Life You Want

Engage in courses and programs that are geared towards your needs and helping you create the life and adventure you want to have!

Online Courses and Programs For You

Here For You!

Andrew Chris

Founder and Coach at
The Life Empowerment Organization

Life gets hard at times!  I've ran through my fair share of obstacles, bad relationships, and parenting struggles.  I've felt the weight that things like that bring and the feelings of being overwhelmed and having the world on your shoulders.

I've spent my professional career working with others on working through these life events.  Life is hard, but the struggle does not have to be destiny!

I've taken my personal and professional experience of working with thousands of others to bring you the most empowering courses and programs to help you turn life into the adventure you want!

It's time for you to:
-  Stop neglecting yourself
-  Work as a team with your partner and have an uplifting relationship
-  Parent without the guilt and build the family you've always envisioned

You're meant to do amazing things, why wait to get them started?