What Is The Life Empowerment Organization?

When I set out to create The Life Empowerment Organization, I didn't want it to just be another run-of-the-mill parenting resource.  I wanted it to be a place of hope and growth for every aspect of your life.

Our mission is to change the world - and we do that by helping create change in families.  The change we hope for takes place inside the home.

We hope to empower lives to change our world - but what does empower mean and what does that have to do with you?

To us, being empowered means you will know about yourself at a deeper level than ever before.  You'll know your dreams and goals, personal strengths and limitations, the worth you have and the tools you have to succeed in your relationships.

As an Empowered Parents, it means you will come to know your strengths and limitations, your goals and vision, your roles and responsibilities, and your boundaries and limitations.  It's willingly choosing how to respond to and work with your children to create the home that you and your family desire.

At the center of empowerment is the relationship you have with yourself.  If you want to be successful in your parenting, you must be successful in the one you have with yourself.

That is why we created the Empowered Parenting Method.  It's a comprehensive parenting approach that goes beyond just a moment of misbehavior or a quick tool - it's a full-life approach that will impact you and every member of your family!

Empower your life to change your world!

Our Vision

The Life Empowerment Organization seeks to strengthen individuals, couples, and families through powerful and accessible resources and services to change our world.