Building Connection with Gratitude: 3 Ways Empowered Couples Use Gratitude in their Relationship

Empowered Couples know that gratitude is an essential part of any enduring relationship and find ways to make it part of their routine.

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    Gratitude is an essential element in life.  It’s well known that gratitude has a lot to do with your personal happiness, but do those benefits extend to your relationship?  The answer is simple:  absolutely!  You can build an enduring relationship with your partner by ensuring gratitude is one of the essential ingredients.

        What makes gratitude so powerful?  The first thing is that it allows us to focus on what we do have rather than what we do not.  Second, it helps create a deep appreciation for our circumstances, those in our lives, and what we have been given.  Gratitude is one of the quickest ways to create a mindset shift in life!

                In the context of your relationship with your partner, gratitude allows you to focus on what they mean to you.  You value the connection you feel with them, see the efforts they are putting in, and show compassion and a willingness to help with shortcomings rather than hold them against your partner.  It is a powerful connector in relationships!

                The beautiful thing about gratitude is that it is not hard to do, and it doesn’t take much to start seeing results in your relationship.  Empowered Couples are all about working together and facing life’s challenges together.  Gratitude is a way to show your partner how much it means that they are your teammate and the efforts they put in.  Let’s look at three small ways to express gratitude to create big changes!

Gratitude Tip #1:  Express What You are Grateful For

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                This one seems like a no-brainer, but you might be surprised just how often we forget to do this exact thing.  Your partner will not know about your gratitude for them and the things they do if you do not speak up.  There’s a difference between assuming our partners know versus being vocal and letting them know.

                The more you can express what you are grateful about with your partner, the more substantial impact gratitude will have on your relationship.  Be sure to include specific examples so that they know you are truly seeing them and what they do.  There’s a lot more power in saying, “I’m grateful for the way you picked up my prescription without being asked,” compared to “I’m grateful for you.”

                In relationships, we like to know that our efforts and who we are as a person mean something to our partner.  Use this for a positive advantage in your relationship.  The nice thing is gratitude is contagious, and once you start sharing it, chances are your partner will do the same thing.  That’s a win-win for your relationship!

Gratitude Tip #2:  Express It with Small Notes

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                A couple I recently worked with showed me the power that notes can have in expressing gratitude.  The husband was a truck driver who could be on the road for several weeks, which comes with its strains on both partners and their relationship overall.  The wife came up with a brilliant plan to find ways to strengthen their bond even when they were apart from one another.

                She began to write little notes and hide them around his truck and belongings.  The notes were simple, and included things such as “thanks for working so hard,” “thanks for being on my mind even when you’re gone,” and “without your love, my life would feel boring.”  Her husband said that every time he found a note, he immediately felt closer to her.  He even began to leave notes for her before he’d go, something that his wife said was a shocker because he “was not the romantic type.”

                Notes provide a fun visual reminder for your partner.  You can express so many things through a note.  You can keep them serious or have some fun with them.  If you don’t want to use words alone, you can draw pictures.  This couple even used movie quotes to express gratitude for one another.  The key is to make it work for you and your partner!

Gratitude Tip #3:  Do Something for Your Partner

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                Gratitude is powerful and will make immediate changes in your relationship.  Your words don’t have to be the only way for you to express it – you can put those words into action!  There will be nothing like showing your partner how grateful you are for them by being willing to show them unexpected service.

                The actions can be simple.  If your partner typically washes the dishes, do it for them.  Gas up their car when you notice the tank is getting low, shovel the snow off the driveway so they can leave in the morning without worrying about it, or get the coffee started first thing.  The key is to take something off your partner’s plate without being asked.

                Your partner will notice this, and again, hopefully, reciprocate your actions!  When they ask why you are doing it, answer that you are grateful for them and wanted them to know it.  Imagine how much deeper your connection can go if you both are willing to serve one another without expectation.  That will build an enduring relationship!

                Empowered Couples know that gratitude is an essential part of any enduring relationship and find ways to make it part of their routine.  Express gratitude to your partner regularly, look for the things they do rather than see only what they do not, and be open to hearing what your partner is grateful for with you.  You will grow closer, work as a team, and overcome the challenges life throws at you.  Make gratitude part of your relationship; you’ll be grateful you did!

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