Finding Calm in a Wild World: A Book for Helping You and Your Children

A review of a powerful resource for parents and children to help build connection through yoga and mindfulness.

      Our world can be an incredibly stressful place, and it can seem like we are getting hit from every angle.  Unfortunately, that isn’t just reserved for us as our children are often hit with stressors and curveballs too.  For us parents, that can be hard for us to see our children struggling.  When we see this, it often leads us to find something we can do to help.  That’s where a powerful resource like the Happy Yogis book can come in.

     This post will be slightly different from others because this one will focus on a book that is not part of The Life Empowerment Organization.  With that said, we are all about sharing powerful information for resources for parents and their children, so a few weeks ago, when Sandy Zanella approached me about a powerful resource she had put together, I was excited to share it with others.

     While our world has grown more stressful and seemed to only increase in speed, what typically helps us the most is slowing down and being present in the moment.  As parents, this can seem like a really hard thing to do, yet its benefits are amazing.  These benefits are only compounded when we include our children and teach them how to slow down as well.

     Sandy Zanella has created a powerful and yet straightforward book to help with this process.  It is called Happy Yogis, and it is a fun and engaging way to introduce yoga to help build our children’s resilience.  Here at The Life Empowerment Organization, we are all about connection and building relationships, and this book fits right in with this mission!

     Each page provides a yoga pose that you can do with your child to help create a physical connection with the present moment.  Don’t worry – even beginners can do these poses!  Yoga is not my forte, and I often worry I’m going to end up feeling more like a pretzel when I try it, yet these poses were doable, felt good, and fun to do with my children.  We had a blast going through several of the postures together!

     Happy Yogis isn’t just about the connection that comes from being together and working as a team; it is also about building an inner-relationship.  Let’s face it, our children are met with critics throughout their life that seems more focused on bringing them down rather than lifting them up.  It can be challenging for them and ourselves to hear positive messages about ourselves.

     This powerful resource not only brings that physical connection with the present through yoga, but each pose comes with a powerful affirmation.  These affirmations allow you to connect to your inner-experience, have validating messages about self, and help build your child’s resilience.  When I did this with my children, I was worried that they wouldn’t like it or understand it, but both said their favorite part (outside of the Savasana pose) was the happy things they got to say about themselves.  As a father, I loved hearing that from my children.

     Just because our world has sped up and become more stressful doesn’t mean that the world you create in your home has to.  The Happy Yogis book would be a powerful resource in helping you create a mindful environment in your home that focuses on self-love, the connection between others, and being present in the moment.

     The book is simple to follow, beautifully illustrated, and a lot of fun to do with your children – especially younger children!  You will be building memories together, strengthening your connections, and helping your children develop their inner-relationship.  You will gain an extra coping skill for your toolbox while teaching your children a powerful one they can use.  It helps reinforce the need to take care of ourselves and be mindful of the messages we send to ourselves.

     Sandy Zanella does impressive work with families, and we are happy to collaborate with her on this journey of strengthening families.  Make sure to check out the Happy Yogis book (there's even a bi-lingual version!) and the other work that she is doing.  And to Sandy – thank you for letting us be part of your journey!

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