Will You Go Out with Me? 3 Reasons Dating Your Partner Builds an Relationship

The longer you are together as a couple, the more important it becomes to keep dating one another to endure together!

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     The beginning of a relationship is full of excitement, passion, and intensity.  That newfound connection brings extra color to your world, you feel amazing about who you are with, and things flow better.  This part of the relationship is also fun, as you go out and do fun things together, explore each other’s likes and interests while probably exploring each other at some point too.

     This part of the relationship can do amazing things for establishing a fun foundation for a couple.  When each other’s more spontaneous and extroverted sides come out, it can lead to lots of laughs and memories.  Each partner continually makes efforts to impress one another and give them reasons to believe that they are worth the time and energy.

     During these early stages of the relationship, life’s stresses and burdens seem lighter as your body floods with happiness and joy.  These are amazing feelings that foster a deeper connection in your relationship.  As time goes on though, it is easy for couples to begin losing this fun and exciting sense in their relationship.  Life’s burdens start to feel bigger again and things start getting in the way of bonding with your partner.

     Working through these changes is a common obstacle that couples must face as they work on building an empowered relationship.  However, this change does not have to mean the end of the fun or excitement of the dating phase.  As partners, you can commit to one another to keep that spark alive so that you continue to value one another and build the relationship that you both want together.

     Couples that regularly date one another endure life’s changes and time much better than those who do not.  They are less likely to break apart and more likely to be happy and get tons of value from the relationship.  Dating each other even after months and years have gone by is definitely a challenge, though the investment will be more than worth it when you are with the right partner!

     Empowered couples regularly find time to connect and build their relational bank account balance.  When this account gets neglected, the relationship begins to crumble and distance and disconnect become common feelings amongst the couple.  Maintaining the willingness to date one another helps keep this pattern from entering your relationship.

     Continuing to date your partner has more benefit than just keeping you and your partner together.  There are tons of powerful and positive consequences that come from continuing to pursue and chase one another.  To help break down why this investment is so powerful to your relational bank account, this post will cover three powerful reasons empowered couples continue to date one another even as more and more time passes.

The 1st Reason to Date:  You Keep Your Relationship a Priority

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     Life comes with a mixed bag of awesomeness and stress.  The longer we are with our partners, the easier it is to let the stress and responsibilities of other roles we play in life get in the way of our relationship.  As we stay together longer, we start to believe that we are strong and nothing will get in the way.  Unfortunately, that is not the way it works.

     Just like muscles need to be worked out to stay strong, our relationship requires continuous work and investment.  The longer we are together the more we can develop a false sense of security about our relationship, if we are not putting in the work.  I have had couples in my office that have been together over 20 years and are considering splitting because they no longer feel connected or that they know one another.  Empowered couples know relationships are not easy and require constant work and nurturing.

     When we make dating our partner an essential part of our relationship, we start to change this dynamic.  We keep a constant focus on making our partner feel loved, special, safe, secure, wanted, needed and desired, just like at the beginning!  When our partner and relationship is the top priority, we are proactively keeping this distance and disconnect from forming.  We are keeping a constant finger on the pulse of our relationship and know when to make course corrections.

     Keeping the relationship a priority and consistently and positively feeding it are how empowered couples build an enduring connection.  It keeps the relationship fun and exciting, which keeps each partner coming back for more and more.  Keep dating one another to prevent life’s other responsibilities and duties from creating the Grand Canyon between you and your partner!

The 2nd Reason to Date:  Keeping the Fun and Play Alive

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     Have you ever noticed when your relationship is in a flow and things are great, you are having a ton of fun?  You’re probably joking around more with your partner which helps each of you navigate life’s stress better.  Both of you can’t help but smile at one another and you find yourself more attracted to them each moment you are with them.

     The power of this flow is fed by making a conscious choice to keep the fun and play an essential ingredient in our relationship.  When our relationship has this flow, it can feel close to what we felt when we were first dating and everything about our partner was exciting.  If we take life too seriously, we will lose this important element to our relationship.

     Couples that build a lasting relationship make sure that they continue to have fun with each other.  We want to be around people that recharge our batteries rather than drain them.  Dating our partner keeps the positivity high by keeping the fun and play an important part in our relationship.  What better way to recharge your battery than with your partner?!?

The 3rd Reason to Date:  More Room for Intimacy and Passion

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     Feeling important, desired and needed by our partner is a powerful thing in a relationship.  Continually dating with our partner lets us continue the fun, flirtatious games we played with them when we were just beginning.  This keeps the fire burning, an important thing that empowered couples attempt to keep alive at all times.

     While sex is not everything in a relationship, it does have a powerful impact on our perceptions of how close we are as partners.  We all have sexual needs, and when our relationship keeps the intimacy and passion alive, these needs are more likely to get met.  When our needs are met, we are a much better partner!

     Dating each other allows us to deepen our passion as we actively seek to enjoy time together.  We are consistently reminding each other that we want one another and that they are the most important person to us.  Empowered couples work to keep the fires of passion burning, in whatever way it looks for that particular relationship.  Keep pursuing your partner like you did when you were first dating, and feel the connection deepen and the relationship’s resilience grow!

     Relationships naturally go through ups and downs in levels of connection.  One of the best ways to keep the relational bank account’s balance high and your connection strong is to never stop dating your partner.  If you feel this area of your relationship has gone away, start making it happen.  Empowered couples date one another to keep the connection alive.  They want to keep each other a priority, feel the power of fun and play in their relationship, and keep the fires of passion burning.  Time to make date night happen!

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