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Clear, Applicable, Practical and Steady

Four simple concepts to dramatically change the way we approach discipline by giving us an outline of the structure we want in our homes.

This simple framework is a way for you to gauge the effectiveness of your discipline style.

The CAPS Framework provides you the chance to answer the following questions:


Is what you are doing:

Clear to everyone?

Applicable to the situation?

Practical enough that you can follow through?

Will you be steady and able to implement it each time you need to?

As parents, if we take the approach of reacting to what happens in our homes, then we are setting ourselves up for difficult times.  Reacting leads to disconnecting interactions with our children, utilizing harsher discipline methods, and modeling to our children how not to handle conflict with another.

Empowered Parents take a proactive and positive approach to discipline.  This allows us to respond to situations in a way that is mentoring to our children, maintains our connection, provides lessons and tools for how to cope with life's challenges, and models positive ways of managing conflict with others.

Use the Parent-Child Relational Bank Account tool as a way to gauge your level of connection with each child.  Remember, the relationship we have with our children is the true source of our power in parenting.


Explore your Parenting Styles to see if what you are seeking to accomplish as a parent and how you are parenting are in alignment, or if there is a need for some course correction.

Take the From Power Struggles to Empowered Connection Online Parenting Course to take your relationship with your child to the next level and make it easier to get CAPS in place!


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