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Keeping Track of Our Level of Connection


The level of connection in our intimate relationships ebbs and flows with life.  To help gauge our level of connection, we need a tool that helps us identify where we are at.  Learn about and begin to implement The Couple Relational Bank Account to empower your relationship! 

In our relationship, we need to know what we are doing that adds connection to our relationship and that which takes from it.  With the Relational Bank Account, these can be tracked in our relationships by identifying our withdrawals and deposits.

Withdrawals take away from the balance of our Relational Bank Account, which means a lower level of connection.  Not all withdrawals take the away from the balance in the same amount.  The key is to find out what we do that is considered a withdrawal to our partners and communicate to them what is one to us.  This way we can limit the amount of withdrawals we make and increase our deposits.

Deposits add to the balance of our Relational Bank Account, strengthening the level of connection and intimacy we feel with our partner.  When we find out the ways our partner feels loved and make them a regular part of our relationship, we increase the balance.  When we make genuine and meaningful deposits on a regular basis, we will feel a deeper level of commitment and endure the journey together.


Combine the Couple Relational Bank Account with the Same Team Mindset to transform your journey together!


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