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Relationship Building for a Stronger Us

Empowering Relationships

Relationships are a delicate balance of individuals maintaining their own identity while forming a couple identity.  Each partner brings their own expectations, strengths, challenges, experiences, and beliefs to a relationship.  The more we show an openness and willingness to learn about one another in the context of our relationships the more understanding we will be.


The Empowered Couple builds on strengths, works with differences, and grows together into a stronger Us! 

Learn about the powerful foundation of the Empowered Couple, The Same Team Mindset, and how it impacts all that we do as a couple

The Couple Mindset we choose is directly related to the level of connection that we feel.  Learning about and implementing The Couple Relational Bank Account provides a powerful tool for us to track our level of connection in our relationships.

Explore the uniqueness of you and your partner and the experiences that have made you who you are with the History of Us practice!

Are you and your partner looking for something more focused and will bring about powerful change?  Look into our Empowered Couples Coaching services to see if they are a fit for you!


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