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The Lasting Connection Bundle

Building a Powerful Relationship With Your Children

The Course Bundle

Get ready to feel the connection in your home like never before!

This bundle combines the power of the Creating a Lasting Connection With Your Child Book with the transformative From Power Struggles to Empowered Connection Course!

Your journey towards becoming an Empowered Parent just got a major head start!

The book outlines the philosophy and how to change your focus to the relationship.

The course focuses on stopping power struggles and replacing them with connection.

This is a win-win situation!

Get the Creating a Lasting Connection With Your Child digital book and the From Power Struggles to Empowered Connection Course at one amazing price!

The Bundle's Price

Andrew Chris

Welcome to the Life Empowerment Organization!

I’m Andrew Chris, and I created The Life Empowerment Organization with the vision of strengthening families through powerful resources and services.  I want to help you create the family you’ve always wanted.

​I have devoted my professional life to learning how to help others improve their quality of life.  You're going to find someone here that is understanding, encouraging, and ready to help you get to the next level!

My diverse background as a couple and family therapist, coach, pre-school teacher, parent course facilitator, mentor and program manager in mental health residential treatment centers, case manager, community program developer, or being a husband, father and overcoming my own mental health struggles brings a ton of experience to help work with all types of situations.

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