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Empowered Parent Coaching

Using Proactive and Positive Parenting to Become an Empowered Parent!

Feeling overwhelmed in your parenting?


Do you get down on yourself when you lose your temper at your children?


Have you tried over and over to change your child’s behavior only to find things get worse?

Are your relationships strained and your stress levels through the roof?


Empowered Parent Coaching is here to help you change the game.


This proactive and positive approach to parenting focuses on building a strong connection with your child while being firm and enforcing limits.  You can’t change your child’s behavior, but you can change yours!


Is it possible to reduce stress and increase connection?  Yes!


Are there ways for you to feel more comfortable and confident in your parenting?  Yes!


Is it possible for you to keep your calm instead of going off like Mt. Vesuvius?  Yes!


Are there ways to discipline without ruining your connection with your child?  Yes!


What are you willing to do to change the culture of your home?  What would be different for you, your life, and your family if there was more connection and flow in the home?


If you’re ready to find out, let’s begin!

Coaching Programs

From Power Struggles to Empowered Connection 8-Week Coaching Program

Combine the transformational From Power Struggles to Empowered Connection online course with 8-weeks of individualized coaching to bring the course content to live and break the pattern of power struggles while developing a powerful relationship with your child!


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