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The Empowered Mindset is focused on the way we approach our lives and the world around us.  It is the beliefs and sense of value and worth that we have about ourselves, which can be tracked with the Personal Relational Bank Account.  The Empowered Mindset seeks to free us from our own confines to embrace our lives in a new way!

We are all faced with challenges and opportunities for growth in our lives. Our Mindset has a dramatic impact on the way we will approach and what we will take from those challenges and opportunities.

All of us must choose whether we will let the Auto-Pilot Mindset or the Empowered Mindset guide our journey.


With its reflexive nature and desire to keep us tightly in our comfort zone, the Auto-Pilot Mindset takes the control of our lives out of our hands.

The reflective, strengths-based Empowered Mindset seeks to put control back into our hands as we choose how we will see and respond to life's challenges and opens us to learning and growth.

The Empowered Mindset is strongly connected with the way we think about the world.  Build on the Empowered Mindset foundation by examining your thought patterns and implementing Empowered Thinking!

Take your life to the

Empowered Level

with our one-year

Active Journal Challenge!


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