How to Raise Children and Enjoy It to the Fullest!

Put the “fun” back in the fundamentals of parenting and build an amazing relationship with each of your children!


Embracing the proactive and positive approach of Empowered Parenting leads to:

  • Building a strong and unique relationship that’s made for each child

  • Way less feelings of parenting guilt and shame with a LARGE increase in confidence

  • A more stable, consistent, and loving home

  • More memories and laughter than you ever thought possible

  • Discipline strategies that teach and lift your child up rather than tear them down

  • Less fights and struggles and more collaboration and teamwork

  • Finding out that parenting really is the most amazing thing you can do in life!

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The 10-Day Email Parenting Class That Keeps You From Blowing Your Top!

Sign up with your email today and receive powerful lessons right in your inbox that help you calm your emotions, connect with your child, and stay calm in tough situations!

End the Fights to Build the Relationship!

Learn the proactive and positive parenting tools to end the power struggles.  You'll embrace solutions, listen like a HERO, negotiate control, and build a lasting relationship with your child!

Rise to the Challenge of being an Empowered Father!

A new game plan for building strong relationships with your children, being a more effective communicator, keeping yourself cool and level-headed, a new discipline toolbox, and so much more!

All Coaching Programs are offered via web-conferencing so you don't even have to leave the house!

Leave the Fights and Stress Behind!

This hybrid online course/parent coaching program gives you full access to the online course with 8-weeks of individualized coaching to bring about the growth and change you are looking for!

Your Session, Your Plan!

Schedule sessions as you go to work on the challenges you and your family need!  Sessions are $75 each for an hour-long appointment.  Let's work together to empower your family!

Are you finding some of your parenting challenges are coming from your own relationship with self or with your partner?

We've got you covered there too!

Explore our Personal Growth and Empowered Couples Services today!


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