Creating a Lasting Connection With Your Child
By Andrew Chris

The Book That Is All About Building Strong Relationships Without The Pressures of Being a Perfect Parent

Do you put a lot of pressure on yourself? Do you feel like you have to be superhuman to even make this parenting thing work?

You don't have to be perfect - you just need to be there for your children.

The book Creating a Lasting Connection with Your Child is all about sharing fundamental tools, lessons, and tips you need to know on the journey to building a loving home for you and your family.

It will help you focus on the things that matter most - including taking care of yourself.

This is not a book of quick fixes and tips - it's about effective parenting and creating lasting connection now and for the future!

I'm not a fan of secrets or tricks - I'm all about helping parents in the clearest way possible.

I want you to know if this is going to work for you right away.

To see if this is a good fit for you, here's a quick glance at what this book offers:

  • Finding and using your true power source as a parent - page 7 
  • Recognizing what goes into your parenting style and why it matters - page 18 
  • Discovering the limitations of yelling and using the power method of parenting - page 19 
  • Exploring the damaging effects of doing everything for your child - page 22 
  • Recognizing why letting your child get away with everything makes life harder - page 25
  •  Discovering and implementing how to parent with leadership, connection, and firmness - page 28
  •  Identifying and exploring your current Parenting Style and if its working for or against you - page 32
  •  Changing the pattern of neglecting yourself by making yourself a priority - page 40
  •  Making the commitment and put in the action to make self-care part of your daily routine - page 42
  •  Discovering how your expectations could be the obstacle to you being your most effective self - page 50
  •  Exploring where your expectations are helping or hindering you and your children - page 55
  •  Turning your unrealistic expectations into realistic with the ABC Method - page 58
  •  Identifying the discrepancy between the way you think things are and what the situation might actually be - page 63
  •  Redefining discipline and what it means to you as a parent - page 71
  •  Discovering the Six Avenues you can take while disciplining - page 72
  •  Stocking your parenting toolbox with proactive parenting solutions - page 87
  •  Utilizing the power of collaborating with your child for rule setting - page 90
  •  Letting Natural and Logical Consequences do the heavy-lifting of discipline - page 91
  •  Learning to listen like a HERO to create the relationship your child needs to come to you with the tough stuff - page 96
  •  Testing your discipline approach and if it is getting you where you want to be - page 101
  •  Implementing 5 powerful tips to make play with your children part of your day - page 107
  •  Exploring your comfort level with letting your inner-child out and building memories with your children - page 112
  •  Making the most essential deposit regularly with quality time - page 116
  •  Taking 7 minutes out of each day to transform your relationship with the 7x7 Challenge - page 118
  •  And so much more!


Digial Copy + Bonuses

Get immediate access and 3 bonuses that include:
- Extra content on parenting styles
- Setting up a structure in the home that works
- Relationship trackers

Paperback Edition

Are you the type that likes to feel paper in your hands?
The paperback edition includes all assessments and activities to help you get the most out of this book!