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Proactive and Positive Parenting Strategies to Build an Empowered Family


The Empowered Family is truly greater than the sum of its parts and is the foundation of anything we do in this life. 


It is the area of life that will stretch and challenge us the most!

The Empowered Family seeks closeness while granting healthy responsibility and freedom. 


It nurtures while being firm. 


It seeks a balance of the needs of all while teaching and guiding the next generation.

​Empowered Parents lead their families with unconditional love while using effective limit setting strategies.  Through Proactive and Positive Parenting skills, Empowered Parents teach their children in the present and prepare them for the future.

Empowered Parenting requires a lot of us because we are doing the most critical task:  raising our children.  A lot will be asked of you because you have much to give. 


Empowered Parents know there is always room and the need for us to learn and grow.  We need to have the courage and ability to look at ourselves to identify our parenting strengths, limitations, and where to put our focus. 

As an Empowered Parent, you will use proactive and positive parenting skills and techniques to help raise your children and build an Empowered Family.


To learn more about building an Empowered Family and what it means to be an Empowered Parent, explore the resources below.

Trouble with Power Struggles?  Check out our From Power Struggles to Empowered Connection Online Parenting Course!


If you're looking for more hands-on services, our Empowered Parent Coaching services might be just what you are looking for!

Relationship Building

Strengthening the Parent-Child Bond

The greatest source of strength and power we have as parents is our relationship with each of our children.  Many times as parents we seek to manage misbehavior with discipline while potentially missing out on strengthening our parent-child relationships, the true source of positive power and change.  Bolster the unique connections you have with each child and see the transformation that can take place.

The Parent-Child Relational Bank Account is an intuitive and efficient tool to help you invest in your parent-child relationships.  Watch this quick, informative video here to start harnessing the power of the relationship!


Tools for Guiding and Teaching Our Children

Discipline is not just a means to correct misbehavior.  Instead, it is a way for us to mentor and prepare our children to be resilient and withstand the storms of life.  Our approach to discipline will be influenced by our Parenting Style.  Watch this powerful video to see how different parenting styles impact our relationships with our child and how we will discipline.

As a parent, it can often feel like we are simply winging it as we discipline our children.  This is where CAPS comes into play!  Learn how the CAPS Framework can revolutionize your approach to discipline here!

The Empowered Parenting Team

Working as a United Team to Build an Empowered Family

Navigating the ups and downs of parenting with a partner comes with its own benefits and challenges.  All parenting teams must overcome managing differences since each partner brings their unique views, beliefs and experiences.

Watch the Parenting Styles video to learn more about each style and the way they interact.  This helps us to identify the strengths we each bring to the table and potential challenges for our Empowered Parenting team.  After watching the video together, download and work through the Different Parenting Styles exercise to come to solutions as a team!

Do you find that your Parenting Team struggles at times to work together or you get in your own way?  There are times that solutions to our parenting concerns are found in the relationship we have with our partner, or with ourselves!  The Same Team Mindset is a powerful way for couples to work together despite their differences.  Sometimes we need to look at our own ways of doing things.  Explore Empowered Thinking to take yourself to the next level! 


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