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What They Are and How They Impact Our Children

Each style of parenting comes with certain mindsets and impacts on our children.  Identifying our own style is a starting point rather than a diagnosis as we can make necessary corrections!


The way we parent has a direct impact on the relationship we have with our children.  How we interact over time dramatically influences our children's confidence in us and their willingness to open up with us.  The Parent-Child Relational Bank Account is a powerful tool to keep track of this!

Our Parenting Style focuses on the goals and hopes we have as parents and the actions we take to make them happen.  This includes the way we communicate with our children, spend our time with them, and discipline.

As we begin to explore our own Parenting Style, it is important not to see it as a diagnosis.  If there are changes we want to make, we are able to do so.  The key is to be honest with ourselves and look at what we want to teach our children and whether or not our parenting style is aligned with those values.

  Parenting with a partner?  If so, we not only need to work with our own Parenting Style, we need to find a balance with our partner's style of parenting as well.  Complete the Different Parenting Styles exercise to strengthen your parenting team.  Learn each other's strengths and make a plan of action on how to move forward together!


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