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The Foundation of All We Do as Parents

As a parent, anything we do impacts the relationships we have with our children.  The Relational Bank Account is a powerful metaphor to illustrate the importance of our bond with our children and how it impacts each of our lives. 

This short video above introduces you to the power to change the way you parent!

An Empowered Parent draws on the power of the relationship as they raise their children.  The stronger the bond between parent and child, the more effective we will be as parents.  As this connection remains strong throughout their lives, mutual trust will form, and our children will come to us when they need it most.

The Parent-Child Relational Bank Account is a simple tool that we can use to help gauge our level of connection with our children.  We have an account that is unique to each child that helps us consistently build our relationship.

One area that impacts the balance that we do not typically focus on is the way we discipline our children.  The Empowered Parent uses proactive and positive methods to help the child learn and grow while still enforcing limits and correcting behavior.

A common way we take away from our relationship with our children is power struggles.  Learn powerful proactive and positive tools for reducing power struggles in the From Power Struggles to Empowered Connection Online Parenting Course.

Learn more about Parenting Styles to see the impacts you may be having on your child without even knowing it.  To help implement a consistent structure, see what the CAPS Framework​ can do for you.


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