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The way we approach our relationship has a dramatic impact on the depth of connection we have.  Learn about the power of working from the mindset of being on the Same Team compared to the Opposite Team Mindset.​

The Opposite Team Mindset leaves each partner in a relationship pitted against one another.  Victory is sought on a personal basis rather than as a couple.  Flaws in one another are given priority focus while overlooking one another's strengths.  Conflict is seen as a battlefield rather than a chance to grow.  If this becomes the established pattern of a couple, the chances of falling out of love increases.  How do we change this?  We use the Same Team Mindset in our relationship.

The Same Team Mindset focuses on collaboration rather than competition.  Decisions are made as a team, with each partner taking the time to hear the views of the other.  Winning is seen as the couple moving forward together rather than individual gain.  When there is disagreement, conflict is utilized as course correction for the relationship.  Couples that regularly use the Same Team Mindset have a strong sense of connection and commitment and endure life's journey together.

Want to truly empower your relationship?  Combine the power of the Same Team Mindset with the Couple Relational Bank Account to go to the next level!


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