Andrew Chris

Founder and Empowered Parenting Coach at
The Life Empowerment Organization

Life gets hard at times!  I've ran through my fair share of obstacles with parenting struggles.  

I have been the parent with a screaming child in the store - in fact, that still happens at times!

My children throw tantrums, misbehave, and at times press my buttons.

I've felt the weight that things like that bring and the feelings of being overwhelmed and having the world on your shoulders.

And yet, there is ways to still know you are doing your best as a parent.

I've spent my professional career working with others on working through these parenting struggles.

Parenting is hard, but the struggle does not have to be destiny!

I've taken my personal experiences as a father and professional experience of working with thousands of others to bring you the most empowering courses and programs to help you turn life into the adventure you want!

It's time for you to:

- Parent without the guilt and build the family you've always envisioned
-  Work as a team with your parenting partner and have an uplifting relationship

-  Stop neglecting yourself as you take care of everyone else

You're meant to do amazing things, unleash it!