Your Personal Revolution:  A 55-Week Active Journey Tracker
By Andrew Chris

The Journal That Is All About Your Personal Growth

Have you ever tried to start journaling, only to find out you have no idea what to write?

I have tried to journal numerous times in my life, and it just didn't catch on.  The blank notebook pages seemed to taunt me and I never knew what to write or who to write to.

I wanted to benefit from journaling, I just didn't know how to make it work - until I decided to create a journal that came with prompts.

That's where the Your Personal Revolution journal comes into play.

The formula is simple:

1 Topic Per Week + 1 Prompt Per Day = 1 Year of Growth!

With topics that include personal strengths, thinking, gratitude, empathy, and serving others, you'll be challenged to grow in ways you didn't think possible with a journal.

This journal focuses on the Personal Growth Pillar of the Empowered Parenting Method.  It's a simple way to use a few minutes each day to give back to yourself!

Here's to a year of transformation!

Hardback Copy

Get your copy with:
- 1 topic per week
-1 prompt per day that takes only minutes to complete
- 55 Weeks Worth of Growth!